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Tom HESS- The restoration of the tabernacle of David

Tom HESS lives since 1967 in Israel on the Mount of Olives in the Golden Gate House of Prayer and Watch, from  where he have the most direct sight on the Golden Gate  and the Mount of the Temple and where uninterrupted takes place uninterrupted  worship and  intercession for Israel and nations.

In this emission at the side of Sergine SNANOUDJ, Tom HESS shares his vision of the restoration of the tabernacle of David

In an awaked church where God restores the bases of the unit between Israel and Christianity, the heaven takes the measurement of the worship. The restoration of the tabernacle of David cannot be disconnected from the restoration of the nation of  Israel, because both go hand in hand in the natural, thus God restores the worship and the intercession uninterrupted, in Spirit and in truth, in Jerusalem and in the world



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