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Tom HESS - Israël and the end of times

Understand the events in the Middle East


in this message given in august 2012 in Panassac (Gers) during the summer camp of Impact du Plein Evangile, TOM HESS decrypts the events occurring the last 2 years, “ Arab spring “ in Egypt, Libya and Syria.

The geopolitical situation through the biblical prophecies, a message that will help you to discern the times in which we live.

TOM HESS live since 1967 on the mount of Olives, in Jerusalem, in the Golden Gate House Of Prayer and Watch, where take place a watch 24h/24 7d/7 of worship and intercession For Israel and the Nations.

The author is well none for his books: Let my people go, the watchmen, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the world wide watch and prayer through the twelve gates of Jerusalem and for the convocation of intercessors of over 200 countries


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