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Rick Ridings - Prophecy to Korea

Word Concerning the Nations in 2010 - Rick Ridings

Then I saw in Korea, that North Korea and South Korea were like “horse shoe” magnets, with the ends of the magnets facing the border, and then repelling one another. But the magnet over South Korea was flipped over, and now the two magnets well attracted to each other, and joined together at the border. Then the barbed wire of th border began to melt away. Almost immediately after that, I saw the hand of the Lord holding the two magnets together in an upright position. He used the magnets to pick up Korean believers and then He would drop them from the magnets into various Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African nations, to place them in new houses of prayer springing up. “Then Korea looked like an elephant sleeping in its side, which woke up and stood as a giant.

I would encourage you to pray into the fulfillment of this vision. I realize many workers have already been sent forth from the nations, but believe the Lord is saying it is time in 2010 for a much greater release from the Far East into the nations between the Far East and Jerusalem. May the last-days army of the Far East be taken out of the Lord’s quiver to be shot by Him into houses of prayer in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. May they play their key role in releasing the Harvest in these dry and needy nations. And may they truly prepare the way of the King so that His glory may return from the East, and once again be revealed in Jerusalem.


Rick Ridings

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