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Reinhard BONNKE - The adulteress - testimonies
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Reinhard Bonnke, evangelist, is especially known for his large campaigns of evangelism on all the African continent.

Son of Pastor, Reinhard gave his life to the Lord when he was nine years old, and received a call for the mission in Africa. After a biblical school in Wales and to have been Pastor in Germany during seven years, he began his missionary work in Africa.

he organized meetings in a tent which could receive 800 people. But as crowd grew, he had to bought a larger tent. In 1984, he gave order to build one of the largest mobile tents which exists in the world with 34.000 sitted places. But very quickly, this tent was not enough any more.

 Reinhard Bonnke is the founder of the Christ ministry for all the Nations which has international offices in Africa, in Germany, in the United Kingdom, in Canada, in Singapore and the United States.

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