Man Headed to the Morgue Comes Back to Life


Thirty-seven-year-old Tony Yahle is thankful he could attend church services with his family.

"It feels great," Tony told CBN News. "I was always a believer, but I mean it's a whole new level now." 

Yahle came back to life after being dead for 45 minutes. Word of his miraculous recovery made headlines around the world, astounding the medical community and turning skeptics into believers.

In the early morning on Aug. 5, Yahle had difficulty breathing and went into cardiac arrest.

"It was 4 a.m. and the Lord woke me up—something woke me up—and I heard his breathing and as a nurse I knew it was not correct," his wife, Melissa, told CBN News.

"I turned on the light—tried to wake him up, he wouldn't wake up. I took his pulse. He didn't have a pulse, and I just went into my training and did CPR," she said.

Tony was rushed to the emergency room where he later coded. Doctors worked on him for 45 minutes trying to save his life—he was later pronounced dead.

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Photo by : (WHIO TV)

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