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All around the world, millions of Christians are persecuted, victims of unfair treatments due to their religious beliefs.

This is one of the most severe violations within articles 18, 19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This persecution does not occur out of nowhere and is often premiditated and organized voluntarily with the support of some governments. 

Whirling, alarming testimonies of men and women who have been tortured, tourmented, arrested, persecuted and killed without attracting any attention of the media or NGOs.

The crime of these men, the crime of these women the crime of these entire families :

Still standing, despite the beatings received, the criticisms,
the low blows, the insults, the hooks and the tripps,
Still standing, despite their hatred, their words,
their lies, their conspiracies, their desire to see us dead
Still standing, despite the suffering, the loss of our beloved
the theft of our treasures and even more
Still standing, despite their forty stripes save one,
even stronger, despite the strokes which were assaulting our bodies
Still standing, even stonger,
like Rocky, I keep asking for more

1st Verse
From the child on all fours, I stood up on my own two legs,
From the stammered child, I progressed and began to speak
From the shy child came out a full of insurance man
From the child who was designated as bad became the model
From the child who failed became the successful man
From the coffee-coloured child became the handsome mixed man

2nd Verse
Still standing, depsite their prophecies
Still on legs, despite their predicted death
Still rich, despite the call of poverty
Still strong, in spite of their wickedness
Still in place, in spite of the dogs they sent
I did not lose 5 years, as some may think
And even if I lost several years
I redeemed time, as the Gospel has advised me

3rd Verse
I have learned obedience by the things I suffered
How many open wounds remained, how many scars on my head
Still standing despite the beatings and the attempts to reduce me
I always believed in the future, without allowing myself to slow down
My life is limitless, my foundation is rock
My authority, my faith, my vision, Christ, my personality 
Native to a continent where the rythm comes from
Ternary, binary, still in the era of time
My flow is hitting the rythm
Black, as my skin color is black
I climbed the ladder, still on the furrow, despite the opposition
I'm in the fight since a long time, as you can see I'm in
The rage of telling, the anointing, the fire, I can admite are prompting 
I'm on the list of veterans, have a look at how I persist 
I'm a kind of obstinated man, I do not let it go, I insist
Released into the arena, it's been a long time that I beat death
The earth is claiming my body but I'm still crowned with gold


Despite the headwinds
We've always remained standing
Despite the beatings of the enemy
We've always remained standing
Despite the treacherous beatings 
We've always remained standing
Despite the status of this current world
We've always remained standing


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