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Dr Celestin KIBUTU - Only Jesus sets free

Celestin KIBUTU NGIMBI is one of the speakers often invited in the organization of Pentecostal evangelical Belgian French speaker’s meetings.

Native of Congo Kinshasa, he was born on December 28 1955 in a family involved in Christian ministry since two generations.

His grandfather Moïse DUMA of Kinkanzi two kilometers away from the missionary post of Kinkanzi was one of the twenty first saved indigenes in Belgian Congo in the region of low-river when the CMA missionaries arrived at the end of the 19 th century.

Celestin KIBUTU is a teacher at the continental seminary in sat-p-k in Belgium ( a branch of the university of Wales) and the pastor of the international church in Brussels.

He is the author of several books: “fatal error and liberation”, “Happiness of the marriage? Back to the biblical roots”

He is the guest speaker in many conferences and spiritual meetings. He frequently receives invitations to preach at conferences and theological meetings on deliverance, spiritual revival, growth of the church and leadership.


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