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FGBMFI Belgium - European Convention 2013
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European Convention  FGBMFI Belgium 15-16-17 November 2013

John-Paul Jackson, John and Carol Arnott and Ian Mc Cormack have graciously accepted our invitation, to be with all of us for this Convention on 15-16-17 November 2013. Our worship team "Rejoice" wil help us to be ushered in His presence!

You and your whole family are cordially invited to join us and be a part of this unique happening.

If you long for more of God desire increased revelation of His Presence in your life, dont miss this Convention on 15-16-17th November 2013. The speakers will teach you scripture by scripture, launching you into deeper relationship with God. You will learn "how you can acces the third Heaven, experience the angelic realm, and step into closer encounters with the Holy Spirit". This event is designed to instruct, equip and release you into the Glory Realm of God, and receive revelation and experience the Lord in completely new levels of revelation and intimacy.

Our purpose for this Convention is to create a place that you can enter into His Cloud of Glory and feel His presence like never before. In His presence you will experience new things. We believe you will get to know the Lord in a new personel way. As you become overshadowed by the cloud of His Glory, your spirit will be refreshed and a unique peace and joy will overtake you.

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