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Mattheus Van der Steen - Ten minutes

Mattheus van der Steen is the founder and director of Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations (Trin).

He worked in various African nations whilst serving as a marine officer aboard a hospital ship called the MV Anastasis and then, in 2005, he worked in Kosovo doing missionary work amongst survivors of the war which had devastated the country. Mattheus then met and married Rebekah and together they started TRIN, a multifaceted ministry which has since grown into a multi national organisation. It not only reaches out across the world to fulfil the Great Commission and see revival and transformation usher in the  Kingdom of God, but also reaches out to the poor, hungry, widowed and destitute.

Mattheus does outreaches in many countries, mainly in India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Uganda where TRIN has offices, but also  in Myanmar, Mozambique, Israel and throughout America and Europe. These outreaches are normally accompanied by healings, signs and wonders.

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