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Willem GLASHOUVER - The « mystery » of Israel / Old and New covenant
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The « mystery » of Israel (Romans 9-11)

What is so special about Israel?

Why are the Jews called the chosen people?

What about the Promised Land?

What does the Old Testament teach about the restoration of the Jewish people to the Land?

Is it legitimate to read these Old Testament prophecies regarding Israel literally?


Old and New covenant

What is the relationship between the church and Israel?

What is replacement theology?

Has the church replaced Israel?

What are the covenants with Israel?

What is the responsibility of the church with regard to Israel and the Jewish people?

Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer

President, Christians for Israel International

Honorary President, European Coalition for Israel

Reverend Willem J.J.Glashouwer was born in the Netherlands in 1944 during the Second World War into a Dutch Reformed family that was active in the Resistance Movement. His father was a well-known Dutch Reformed pastor, who was in prison several times during World War II, and was actively involved in hiding Jews.

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