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Damir Sicko ALIC - Be a friend of God
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Damir sicko ALIC was the guest of the summer seminar " Impact of full Gospel " in Panassac in Gers (France) in August 2010. Damir sicko ALIC is the founder of the Christian center " WORD OF LIFE" (Rijec zivota°) in Zagreb; Until today this center have extend its activities in the all Croatia. He is born in 1961 in Srebrenica (Bosnia-Erzegovie) in a Moslem family. When he was 23 years age, he met a born again Christian who testify of Christ the Savior to him, testimony which he resisted savagely. Finally at the end of the year 1984, he met God and made the experiment of his love. he gave his life to Jesus-Christ and have experimented a  true conversion according to the Bible. Wishing to know some more on God and His Word (the Bible), in 1987-1988 he followed courses to  “ biblical school " Word of Life" in Uppsala in Sweden. In 1988, after his return in Croatia, he started a local church in Dubrovnick, church in which he was Pastor during several years. Quickly he got married with Maria and  today they have 4 children.

In 1991 Damir Sicko Alic moved to Sarajevo where he became Pastor of the  church " Rafael". In Sarajevo his family was confronted with the war and in its worst conditions and they could see how God saved their life miraculously on several occasions. After having received a clear call of God to start a local church in Zagreb, the family moved in Zagreb in 1993. There, Damir Sicko Alic posed the foundations of the Christian center " Word Of Life".  The alliance of the churches “ WORD OF LIFE” during its first 15 years have creates 15 churches  and companies in all Croatia


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