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Claus Moller - Believe for receiving

Danish evangelist, Claus Möller, is a dynamic revivalist who travels around the world preaching the Gospel. His heart is to see people get saved, healed, delivered and set on fire with the love of God.

Claus' family lived in the United States for many years due to his father's work. Throughout his childhood years, Claus longed for his father's love, but never had an affectionate relationship with him. As a young teenager, he found out that his father was not his biological father. Their relationship grew worse and Claus was eventually rejected by his stepfather. He left home and was facing life alone at a very young age.

For years, he tried to ease his pain with drugs. In his heart, he cried out to Jesus. After many years of drug abuse, he had a life changing encounter with the saving, delivering power of God. He received Jesus into his life, got filled with the Holy Spirit and finally experienced joy. God spoke to him and called him into the ministry. Since then, he has traveled around the world preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders.

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Par le 11/05/18 - 23:39

I am looking forward more of revival in Denmark. Claus - go ahead ! The field is big and the fruits are ripen, but the workers are few...

Par le 03/02/13 - 19:42

Shalom! I'm very blessed by this message! Thank you for sharing!!Every time Claus prayed for me-miracles happened!! Praise God! Blessings, Lara from Jerusalem

Par le 10/01/13 - 09:03

I had never heard Claus Möllers' ministry or of him before, but by accident this new year 2.1.2013 I went to service where he was delivering this old message of Jesus as a savior and redeemer and I got revived. What a revelation. After many years of being Christian, serving the Lord also in word, suddenly got exploding in my head of the truth of Jesus as my true friend, Abba Father as my Father, and all religiousness, condemnation, guilt and shame dropped off from my heart and I got crazy joy and the knowledge did not remain in my head, it went straight into my heart. Thank You Lord for what You can do. Same Jesus yesterday, today and forever. That's why its so powerful. He does not change. He still wants to come into peoples heart and open doors for life in Him.