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Charles Ndifon - Jesus heal today
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Charles Ndifon discovered this while he was an engineering student in Nigeria. He committed his life to Jesus Christ in the mid-1980s and became actively involved in campus ministry. He received a personal call to the ministry in 1987 and became more and more hungry to see the power of God flowing through his life…

This hunger led him to begin to search the scriptures afresh. While searching through the word of God, asking questions, and calling out to God, the Lord began to reveal himself alive. He made great discoveries that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever! The Lord showed him the vital secret of action, in the exercise of your faith for healing. He discovered Jesus Christ in every scripture and then saw himself doing the same things.

In 1990, the Lord sent Charles to the United States and Canada, where he held campus crusades and conferences in churches with great Miracles, signs and wonders following his ministry night after night. He now ministers all over the world in churches large and small with great results by the Holy Spirit.

In addition to ministering around the world as an evangelist, He is also the Senior Pastor of Providence Miracle Center, a world missionary church and Miracle center in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. He is also a church planter and his ministry has cut across denominational, cultural, ethnic and national barriers.


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