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Andrew WOMMACK - European Tour 2011 - Milano Part 3

Raised in a Christian family, he was born again at the age of 8 years. After a journey that he calls himself of "Pharisee of modern times", the march 23  1968, he made a real meeting with God that changes his life and his family.  A few years later Andrew responds to the call of the Ministry and began to travel the world to teach that we have been accepted by his Grace and we are loved hisUnconditional Love.   Today these are millions of people who can hear the message of the Gospel through many television programs, radio programs, free sermons on  internet and of course books, CDs, newsletters, magazines...  All means are used to broadcast the truth of the word. God increases his Ministry by extraordinary way! 

This message was recorded at Milano Italy  in June 2011 at the  European Tour of Andrew WOMMACK


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